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First part of an ongoing project on urban development in the former industrial part of the Oslo Harbour, Bjørvika The new Opera House is already built, and important cultural institutions such as the main public library and the Munch Museum will follow.

This is the third episode in our story of the ship MS Innvik, moored adjacent to the new Oslo Opera, surrounded by the largest urban development project ever in Norway. In this last epsiode, we follow the atmosphere and feelings of the crew and guests in the last months before the ship was stopped functioning because of fire restrictions.

The Kitchen Garden was a herb garden on the kitchen deck at the theater boat MS Innvik. The garden was constructed from recycled wood and sackcloth.Some plants were gifts from friends, most were propagated and grown by us. The garden wass organic, no pesticides were used. Every compartment had a mix of compost and organic fertilizer to suit the plants growing in it.Plants, like humans, travel to places far from their origin. The epazote was imported as seeds from the US by us this spring. The yerba buena,originally grown in Havana, Cuba survives and thrives through six Norwegian winters.The oregano, bergmynte might have been brought to the Oslo fjord area by monks 800 years ago.

I de siste årene har jeg utviklet en måte å arbeide på hvor jeg tar initiativ til prosjekter og utvikler ideer i samarbeid med andre. Prosjektet Nutrition oppsto da jeg ble invitert til å gjøre en performance på et sted med mye frodighet og grønt gress, et dyrkbart område som skulle åpnes som skulpturpark. Yucarøtter (cassava) er livsviktig næring mange steder i verden, men få norske kjenner den. Jeg ønsket å gi plass til dyr som kan spise det grønne gresset direkte, lyden av deres tygging ble sendt ut over PA-anlegget. Andre menn med latinsk bakgrunn ble med for å vise hvordan man skreller, forbereder, koker og serverer yuca.

Action for Panfilo in Kulturnatt in Oslo, Norway 19.09.09 by Alexis Parra, A performance in Oslo Kulturnatt (Oslo Culture Night) to support Panfilo after he was detained and put in jail for "peligrosidad delictiva" for talking about hunger and food. He expressed himself in the street in front of a videocamera and was exposed later in Youtube.We collected money to buy food in, an Internet shop specialized for Cubans outside Cuba to help family and friends. Supported by Galleri BOA and Café Celsius.

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