Lithography series: Inventory. (Inventario, Inventarliste) This series of lithographies can be seen as sketches or reflections on objects that are in a way extinct. At least, they are disused. These tools and commodities are no longer part of someone‚Äôs daily life at home or at work. We may not even know by first glance what they have been used for without researching it. These objects represent designs that were once rational and useful, and remind us of the people that crafted and used them. They were solid, made from durable, heavy materials that are not often preferred in our utility items and appliances today. Spesific form and function does not mean they were conceived  by one named inventor, probably these objects have evolved over time when people who needed to use them made their own versions.  This evokes a certain visual nostalgia that formed my interest in sketching and thinking about this through the slow, demanding and old-fashioned craft of lithography.